Thursday, December 21, 2017

Film Company Seeking Financial Controller

Independent film production, finance, and distribution company is seeking a Financial Controller. The position will report directly to our COO and will interact with the CFO of our foreign parent company. This candidate should demonstrate leadership qualities and solid accounting experience. Additionally, this person must be able to work under specific timelines. Mandarin Bilingual candidates with eight to twelve years of experience preferred. Please send your resume and cover letter to

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Music Company Seeking Manager

Sony/ATV Music Publishing is seeking to hire a Manager, Theatrical Development in New York. Responsibilities include, but not limited to, negotiating live stage performance deals, processing synchronization licenses, managing stage budget, and researching rights and restrictions on Sony/ATV catalong songs. Ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree, three to six years of relevant sales experience, be a self-starter, extremely organized, analytically inclined, and possess polished presentation and interpersonal skills. To apply:

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Seeking Interns Film Company

Angry Films (Natural Born Killers,Shoot Em Up, From Hell, Bully, Transfomers, Real Steel) is looking for highly motivated interns to assist as we move into a very active period. Job responsibilities would include, but not limited to, organization of script libraries, script coverage, regular office duties and phones, spending one on one time with producers assisting them, and whatever else we can throw at you. Applicants need to be computer literate, well spoken, own a car and have the ability to multitask and be organized. Internship is unpaid. Please send cover letter and resume to

Note: If you are a high school student, please make sure that your parent/teacher contacts the internship coordinator first before you contact them.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Universal Filmed Entertainment Needs An Assistant

Universal Filmed Entertainment Group seeks Assistant to two SVPs of Global Communications in Los Angeles. Responsibilities: provide support with travel, scheduling and calls, and support Communications staff at events. Day to day includes light copy editing, media monitoring, maintaining executive contact lists, and administrative duties. Ideally looking for someone who is interested in PR/Communications and would like to grow within the department. Apply to

Friday, December 8, 2017

Seeking Interns for Talent Management Company

Silver Lining Entertainment, a talent management company in Beverly Hills, is seeking interns to begin in the new year. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in exploring the entertainment industry. Duties include script coverage, answering phones, greeting guests, running errands, etc. We are seeking team players who are eager to learn more about the industry. College credit is mandatory. Please send resume and a brief bio about yourself to

Note: If you are a high school student, please make sure that your parent/teacher contacts the internship coordinator first before you contact them.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Seeking Winter Interns

Everyman Pictures, Jay Roach’s production company (All The Way, Trumbo, Sisters, Game Change, Bruno/Borat) seeks a motivated, dependable, and hard-working intern who demonstrates a strong interest in film and television development. Main responsibilities include script coverage, research assignments related to upcoming projects, and general administrative duties. Participation in creative meetings is also encouraged. Must receive college credit and be available 2 days per week. Please email resume and cover letter to

Note: If you are a high school student, please make sure that your parent/teacher contacts the internship coordinator first before you contact them.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Acting Opportunity



We are searching NATIONWIDE for PEOPLE WHO LOVE THE NEWS and RECALL MAJOR NEWS EVENTS (All ages 18 - 95!) to appear in a commercial for a news app for a major Fortune 500 company.

*  Do you recall where you were when we landed the Rover on Mars?

*  Or when the Cubs or Astros won the World Series?

*  Or when you learned of the death of a major icon such as Prince or David Bowie, Nelson Mandela, or Robin Williams?

*  Or perhaps the JFK assassination?

*  How about when the Beatles came to America, or the British Invasion?

*  Or when we landed on the moon?

*  Maybe the O.J. Simpson Trial?

*  Or the recent (or past) eclipse?

*  9/11, Columbine, the Vietnam War, or other major news event?

We are looking for REAL STORIES, REAL ACCOUNTS and REAL PEOPLE (non-actors only, please) who have a VIVID MEMORY AND STORY TO AN IMPACTFUL EVENT.  We want the nitty gritty, the real, without being sugar coated so that it can evoke an emotional response.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are specifically NOT looking for political stories or stories about the recent election.  We are NOT looking for opinions of what is currently happening (in politics), but we ARE looking for opinionated people.

We are looking for those that watch the news, follow the news, and are in the know of the happenings around the world.  Looking for REAL STORIES and REAL ACCOUNTS - your recollections, and how you were impacted.

Open to ALL ETHNICITIES, all walks of life, ages 18-95 years old!

PAY:  $1,300 for Buyout, PLUS $500 per day for the shoot / $250 per day for travel, AND a Per Diem of $75 (shoot day) & $37.50 (travel days)!

Status:  Non-Union

Travel:  Travel & Accommodations covered for all non-L.A. Locals


Email ALL the information requested below to:

Be sure to include:

1.  Your name (first and last)

2.  Contact phone number

3.  City/State where you live

4.  A brief story about your memory, including where you were, and how it impacted you