Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Seeking A Highly Motivated Intern!!!!!!

Pantheon Entertainment is looking for a highly motivated intern to assist as we move into a very active period. Job responsibilities would include, but are not limited to, organization of office files and databases, rolling calls, script reading and synopsis, copying and whatever other duties might arise. Applicants need to be computer literate, well spoken, own a car, and have the ability to multitask and be organized. Internship is unpaid. Please send cover letter and resumes to pantheonintern2@gmail.com. DISCLAIMER:::: HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: Please make sure that your parent makes the contact for you, and not you......


  1. Looks like an amazing opportunity! Where is the location?

  2. Hey!
    The location is in Beverly Hills. Make sure that you apply.

  3. I don't need this job but it is great I came across it by accident. I know plenty of people who will be grateful for me to forward it to them.