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Universal Cable Productions (UCP) is one of two scripted television studios at NBCUniversal which focuses on creating series for cable and digital platforms. The current programming department oversees the content, writers, directors, and producers on our shows from episode two onward, and is ultimately responsible for representing the studio’s creative interests throughout the production process of each season. In essence, we are the development department for the series post pilot. UCP’s current programming credits include: Mr. Robot (USA), Suits (USA), The Magicians (Syfy), The Royals (E!), Dirty John (Bravo), Umbrella Academy (Netflix), The Act (Hulu), Homecoming (Amazon), Impulse (YouTube Premium), and 15 other shows across various network platforms.
Job Description:
Responsibilities include updating department grids, general administrative tasks, stocking office supplies, answering phones, and covering for executive assistants when they are out. 
Educational Component:
In addition to their daily responsibilities, the UCP current department offers two practical learning projects to allow students to observe the world of creative content management: 
1) Shadowing Project: Interns will pick a UCP show to shadow the current team on; listening in on notes and pitch out calls with producers, watching dailies, practice writing notes on incoming scripts & cuts, and observing the creative executives at various stages of production. 
2) Career Development Project: Interns will choose one of three semester long projects catered towards their future career goals:
a) Writer Track: Interns will write a television screenplay in the vein of one of our current shows, receiving notes from the assistant pool on their work throughout the semester. At the end of the term they will “submit” their credits and screenplay to one of our executives who will hold a mock general meeting with them, as if we are staffing a writers’ room for the show of their choice. NOTE: this is not a required writing for the internship or company. Any submission of material is purely mentorship based, and should be material the intern was previously working on outside of the internship for school or personal use.
b) Producer Track: Interns will develop a pitch for a new show and pitch it to the assistants and lower level execs acting as the “studio”. Once the “studio agrees to buy it and run it through development hell, the intern will pitch to a mid/upper level executive acting as the “network” at the end of the term.
c) Creative Executive Track: Interns will pick a UCP property to do a deep dive into the non-creative elements of show management from the studio’s perspective (marketing, budgeting, scheduling, PR, finance, etc). Interns will meet with various executives that worked on the show to assemble a research project and review the production calendars, budgets, and weekly status updates that went on while we were producing that season. At the end of the term, interns will present their research to members of the current programming department. Interns will then meet with the executive who formerly ran the show for a Q&A about what the creative management process of the show was actually like on that project.
Application Requirements:
• Some previous internship experience
• Strong organizational and relational skills
• Microsoft Office and Google Suite proficient
• Able to work 2-3 full days per week
• 3.0 GPA or higher
• Current class standing of Sophomore or above
• Currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program.
Desired Characteristics: 
• Previous experience covering desks and interning at a production company/studio/network
• Interest in a career as a writer, producer, or creative executive in television
$13.25/hr, Part-time (16-24 hr/week)
MWF or TuTh availability preferred, but we have been able to be flexible in the past.
Interested candidates can send their resume to:
Note: If you are a high school student, please make sure that your parent/teacher contacts the internship coordinator first before you contact them.

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